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Being charged with domestic violence can have immediate and damaging consequences to your life. Along with having to Scale of Justice in an empty courtroom fight criminal charges that could put you in jail, cause you to pay huge fines, or cause difficulty with finding housing and employment, you could have a protective order filed against you. If this happens, you will no longer be allowed near your residence or your family. I can help. Domestic violence attorney Brian J. Lail of Lail Law Firm, PLLC, has helped clients just like you to fight the charges and get their life back together. Call my team today to learn more.

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Domestic Violence in Florida

Because violent crimes put people at risk of serious physical injury, these crimes are harshly prosecuted. In many of these scenarios, loved ones will call the police to de-escalate the situation. In doing so, they may not realize police will make an arrest that will put the accused party in jail and subject them to criminal prosecution. In these situations, having a Sarasota domestic violence attorney on your side is crucial.

Florida State considers battery as an intentional use of unlawful physical force against another person. The court sees many types of domestic battery in relationships.

They occur between:

  • Spouses and ex-spouses
  • People who currently live together or lived together in the past
  • People who have a child or children together
  • Guardians of a child or children
  • People who are dating or have dated

You could be charged for behavior such as:

  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Biting

There are other kinds of physical force that are illegal, even if there is no physical injury. This could include throwing a drink at someone or ripping their clothes—any action that is violent or unwanted.

What Happens to First Time Domestic Violence Offenders?

In Florida, if you are convicted of domestic violence you can face many penalties including jail time depending on the circumstances.

Possible penalties for domestic violence in Florida include:

  • 5 days in jail (if the offense includes intentionally inflicting bodily harm on the victim)
  • One years’ probation
  • Batterers’ intervention program

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The Sarasota criminal defense attorney at Lail Law Firm, PLLC will properly evaluate your case and ask the court to throw out any bad evidence, such as false accusations, bar illegally obtained evidence by the police, and demonstrate instances of self-defense. This can weaken the prosecution’s case and work to the defendant’s advantage.

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